Idea and background information

Because of the Russian Federation's military aggression in Ukraine, many high qualified and experienced women working in the energy sector are forced to leave their homes and look for refuge inside and outside the country.

We believe it is necessary to help the female experts adjust to their new living conditions and find new employment opportunities both in Ukraine and in Germany. It is important to provide women with the necessary support for continuing professional activities and professional development.

For this purpose, we are founding an initiative in cooperation with Women Energy Club of Ukraine (WECU) within the framework of the German-Ukrainian Energy Partnership.

As the implementer of the German-Ukrainian Energy Partnership and a centre of expertise for energy transition, dena has in-depth knowledge of the target group, the country and the relevant specialist topics.

Goals of the Programm

Within the framework of the initiative, demand-oriented support measures are to be implemented in order to provide displaced women from Ukraine with the best possible individual and structural support. The offers are directed at female experts from the energy sector and related sectors.

The programme’s goal is to identify and enhance the potential of the female experts’ role in the German and Ukrainian energy transition and the post-war reconstruction of the Ukrainian energy sector. In the long-term, the initiative is aimed to intensify the exchange of female energy experts from Germany and Ukraine and to contribute to accelerating the energy transition in both countries.

This is made possible by four work packages:

  1. Reintegration into the Ukrainian labour market: identification of professional competencies and qualifications and establishing matches be-tween women and relevant Ukrainian stakeholders and companies, as well as German companies located in Ukraine
  2. Integration in Germany: facilitating the integration of women into the German labour market to improve economic security and independence, supporting the integration of women and children into German society with a special focus on balancing family and work
  3. Further professional qualification: capacity building and improving professional skills
  4. Networking and mentoring: connecting Ukrainian female energy experts with relevant stakeholders to expand their personal networks, mentoring, strengthening of self-help competences, and use of synergies

The experts should find a reliable partner, advisor and mediator and be empowered to pursue professional activities and development in Ukraine or to gain a professional foundation in Germany.


German Energy Agency GmbH

dena is Germany’s centre of expertise for energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and intelligent energy systems. As the "Agency for the Applied Energy Transition" we contribute to the attainment of energy and climate policy objectives. The Agency’s efforts are dealing with all energy consumption sectors.

Non governmental organization Women’s Energy Club of Ukraine (WECU) is a voluntary, self-dependent professional association of women working in an energy related spheres in Ukraine. WECU has more than 200 members, among them are energy experts, representatives of ukrainian and international organizations working in Ukraine on energy sector reforms, Members of the Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex of the Parliament of Ukraine, energy business and NGOs.

Hypatia is a non-profit association which promotes the exchange between women who are active in the renewable energy and cleantech sector or who want to become involved in these fields. The women's network serves as a platform for making professional contacts and exchanging experiences and expertise. hypatia is commited to advocate for equal opportunities for women in their everyday working lives.

Information about legal and other questions upon arrival in Germany (Registration process, financial help, insurance, language courses)

  1. Federal Office for Migration and Refugees
  2. Berlin Senate

German job portals that publish vacancies in the energy sector



  1. Are you currently staying in Ukraine and need help with your further professional development or any other issues? Please, send us a direct request.
  2. Are you a female energy expert, who has arrived from Ukraine to Germany and we can help you within our initiative? Please contact us and send a CV with detailed information about your specialization and sphere of competence.
  3. Are you representing a company, organization or network connected to the energy sector or female empowerment and want to become a partner of the initiative? Please send us an information about your institution and possible ideas of cooperation.
  4. Do you have questions or issues that do not relate to the initiative's work packages, but think we could still help? Please send us a request.



Imgage of Carolin Krolik

Carolin Krolik

Coordinator of the initiative, German Energy Agency (dena)
Languages: ENG, DE, FRA, PL