Procurement Campaign

GIZ carries out several support measures for the Ukrainian energy sector in the framework of the Federal Government’s Ukraine Winter Aid on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Energy and Climate Action (BMWK). The German-Ukrainian Energy Partnership (EP) is the central platform for coordinating cooperation with industry and associations for the procurement campaign, frequently involving companies and associations of the energy industry in information and networking events.

We therefore welcome interested bidder’s understanding of very short deadlines in the procurement process and for your support in the efficient processing of orders and during production phase and delivery.

A prioritization by suppliers in manufacturing and delivering orders is well-appreciated to swiftly restore Ukraine’s energy infrastructure is.


Since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, between 40 %-50 % of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed. Repair work is ongoing without interruption, but the spare parts stock is becoming smaller and the technical effort and feasibility for repairs are becoming more and more difficult. As a result, several million households in the country are permanently without electricity, heat and gas supplies, while almost all households are affected by (mostly) planned shutdowns to maintain grid stability. The cost of emergency repairs is carried out by the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy and the State Transmission system operator “Ukrenergo” is currently estimated. These are in particular electricity transmission systems and related special equipment, worth approximately EUR 500 million (as of 05.12.2022, Ukrainian governmental sources).

Ukrainian energy suppliers need a constant inflow of spare parts and technical energy supplies of all kinds. Currently, main challenges with the procurement of energy system items are long production times, especially for transformers (partly more than 12 months in the high voltage range) and gaps in compatibility due to different Ukrainian and international grid standards.

Technicalities of the procurement procedures:

Below you find frequent updates on Tender Notifications by GIZ for the purchase of various technical energy goods for Ukraine. Those goods are intended for the restoration of the Ukrainian power system and are handed over as German emergency aid to Ukrainian partners.

Procurement procedures and imports of energy products into Ukraine have been simplified in line with the humanitarian emergency in Ukraine.

To facilitate the submission of offers, GIZ processes queries to receiving beneficiaries (UkrEnergo or other energy services in Ukraine) by interested bidders on the compatibility of offered products with the required product descriptions and performance standards. On a case-by-case basis, individual products with different standardizations or performance data may be operable in Ukrainian grid systems.

Tenders may be submitted by lot (per item) and a gradual delivery of goods in badges by sequence of production is possible. Advance payments can be made by GIZ according to credit criteria to supplier companies which have been awarded the contract.

For technical inquiries regarding the placement of offers (such as timeline of production & delivery, prioritization, technical standards, compatibility) please refer to: helpenergyukraine(at)

Tender Notifications

1) Tender Number: 2022/S 244-703874

Procedure: Open Tender

Short Description of the items:

General equipment for transmission and substations and network connections of critical infrastructure:

  • Measuring instruments, control devices, microprocessors, insulation materials, load disconnectors, fuse technology, fire protection, low-voltage technology
  • Other energy equipment: Explosion protection equipment for transmission and substations, mobile and protected sub-stations, electric motors, pumping devices, connecting cables, fans

Deadline of submission: 23.01.2023, 12:00 CET (Extended)

Link to Tender Platform: Supplies - 703874-2022 - TED Tenders Electronic Daily (

2) Tender Number: 2022/S 248-724135

Procedure: Open Tender

Short Description of the items:

Equipment for high-voltage transmission and substations: Transformers and Circuit Breakers

Deadline of submission: 07.02.2023, 12:00 CET (Extended)

Link to Tender Platform: Supplies - 724135-2022 - TED Tenders Electronic Daily (

3) Tender Number: 2023/S 001-002093

Procedure: Open Tender

Short Description of the items:

Aluminium wire with steel core for the reconstruction of the power grid in Ukraine (2 lots)

Deadline of submission: 31.01.2023, 12:00 CET

Link to Tender Platform: