My company would like to donate

How to make a donation offer

You can obtain an overview of the goods required by Ukraine (“Ukrainian requirements list”) from your association or, on request, from the Secretariat of the German-Ukrainian Energy Partnership (“EP Secretariat”).

Make sure your donation matches the goods requested by the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy as closely as possible and submit your donation to the EP Secretariat via helpenergyukraine(at) Please download the donation template below. In this you can describe your donation and provide transport-related information.



The German donations are matched with the articles requested by the Ukrainian side. You can clarify whether your donation meets the requirements yourself by contacting the Ukrainian company directly. The EP Secretariat will provide you with the contact details for the Ukrainian company. Alternatively, the EP Secretariat together with its local partner takes over this step for you and confirms a "match" between your offer and the needs on the Ukrainian side.


After successful match-making, the donation will be sent to Ukraine. Here you have three options:

  • Transport option A: You deliver the donation directly to the Ukrainian side on your own.
  • Transport option B: You send the donation to a hub organized by the EP Secretariat on the Ukrainian-Polish border.
  • Transport option C: The EP Secretariat organizes the collection of your donation from a location of your choice and ensures delivery to Ukrainie.

Delivery Report

After successful delivery, the Ukrainian final recipient confirms receipt of the German donation.

The delivery is reported to all parties involved (German donor company, BMWK, EP Secretariat, MinEnergo).

Tax note:

In connection with the war in Ukraine, the Federal Ministry of Finance has made regulations for the tax treatment of benefits to support those injured by the war. Details can be found here. The EP Secretariat can assist you in issuing a donation receipt after your donation has been delivered to Ukraine.