Signing of the Joint Declaration of Intent on the Energy partnership

On the 26th of August 2020 the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Peter Altmaier and Olha Buslavets, at that moment Acting Minister of Energy of Ukraine, signed a “Joint Declaration of Intent on the establishment of an Energy Partnership”.

“I am very pleased that we are further intensifying our bilateral cooperation in the energy sector between Germany and Ukraine and that the Energy Partnership will provide long-term support for the modernisation of the energy sector in Ukraine. The Energy Partnership provides both sides with an important framework for political dialogue in the energy sector. It will enable us to further develop our cooperation on energy and climate issues and make it more effective”, said the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Altmaier during the signing ceremony.

The energy partnership consolidates the activities of the Federal Government, which has been active in this field for many years within the framework of bilateral projects in Ukraine. Priority areas are increasing energy efficiency in buildings and industry, modernising the electricity sector, expanding and integrating renewable energies and reducing CO2 emissions. During the visit of Olha Buslavets, cooperation in the transformation of the Ukrainian coal regions and the development of the hydrogen technologies were also discussed. The most important partner on the Ukrainian side is the Ministry of Energy, which is also responsible for the country's energy strategy.